I’ve recently finished reading The Selection trilogy by Kiera Cass so here’s a short review of it (there may be minor SPOILERS ahead but nothing too life-changing).

This series consists of three book: The Selection, The Elite and The One.

The story follows a seventeen year old girl called America Singer (I know, what a name!) who lives in a dystopian world where the people of her country, Illéa, are separated into eight social castes. Continue reading “‘THE SELECTION’ BOOK SERIES REVIEW”


Okay guys, I am so excited about this! A few weeks ago, I managed to get a whole lot of stuff from Nude by Nature worth $109.85 for $39.32! That’s a massive saving of $70.53! I managed to do this by using a ton of coupon codes (40% EOFYS, 10% first online purchase, $20 off welcome). Basically, my number one advice for you guys when online shopping is ALWAYS do a quick Google search for any coupon codes that may be going around, it is well worth it.

Continue reading “‘NUDE BY NATURE’ HAUL REVIEW”