Okay guys, I am so excited about this! A few weeks ago, I managed to get a whole lot of stuff from Nude by Nature worth $109.85 for $39.32! That’s a massive saving of $70.53! I managed to do this by using a ton of coupon codes (40% EOFYS, 10% first online purchase, $20 off welcome). Basically, my number one advice for you guys when online shopping is ALWAYS do a quick Google search for any coupon codes that may be going around, it is well worth it.

I ended up getting: a set of seven brushes, primer, eyeshadow palette, mascara, eyeliner and eyebrow pencil. BUT I also got free gifts of: brush cleanser, lip gloss, pressed powder foundation (I was sneaky and upped the quantities of the free gifts so I managed to snag 3 lip glosses and 5 powder foundations). ALL FOR $39.32!

Now onto the product reviews! I thought since I was already going to be reviewing so many Nude by Nature products, I might as well review the ones I already own as well. I bought the Complexion Wonderland gift set a little more than six months ago so all the products have been tried and tested! So let’s start off with those!


MINERALCOVER-LIGHT-MEDIUMI was originally really worried about the shade as I wasn’t sure if I would suit light or light medium more. I ended up getting the light shade and it actually suit me really well. However, I felt like way this foundation is, each shade would easily blend into a variety of skin tones. This was the first loose powder foundation I owned so I didn’t really have anything to compare it but I can say it was very natural and gave a light coverage. I definitely did need to moisturise prior though as my dry skin didn’t play well with the powder foundation if I didn’t.

4/5 ●●●●○


Airbrush-Primer6I really liked the primer as I found it to be very moisturising for my aforementioned dry skin. It had a sort of natural herby scent to it that I actually really liked (I usually don’t like scented stuff) which subsided after it settled into the skin. It definitely did help my foundation stay on my skin longer but it’s not a long-wearing primer. However, I did really like it which is why I decided to repurchase two more this time around.

4/5 ●●●●○


Best-concealer-liquid-mineral-makeup-shade-mediumI am someone who has very dark undereye circles so I found that this concealer didn’t do that much for me. I didn’t really like the consistency of it either as it was very difficult to blend out and just felt like it sat on top of the skin rather than sinking into it. The shade that I got was very brightening for me though and I feel like if it was more blendable, it could easily be used as a highlighter. I’ve only used this two or three times and I did not like it at all.

1/5 ●○○○○


Nude-by-Nature-Mineral-Veil-Finishing-Powder.jpgThis was the first translucent powder that I owned and it’s the only one I use right now. I feel like it does the job of setting my make-up without looking too cakey and keeps shine under control. However, even though I have dry skin, I do start to get a bit oily around my nose area through longer days so I do have to reapply.

4/5 ●●●●○


Nude-by-Nature-Virgin-Blush.jpgEven though this blush only comes in this one colour, it suits my skin tone very well. It’s sort of a coral colour with a few shimmer particles in it and can either be applied very lightly or heavily as it’s got very good pigmentation. I don’t really wear it for every day occasions as I find the bronzer gives me all the colour I need but it is nice to have handy.

4/5 ●●●●○


Nude-by-Nature-Loose-Bronzer.jpgThis, again, was the first bronzer that I owned and I have not felt the need to go out and purchase another one as I actually really like this one. Like the blush, this is the only shade it comes in, but luckily this colour suits my skin tone as well. It is a shimmery bronzer and I wasn’t sure how I felt about that at first but I actually don’t mind it.

5/5 ●●●●●


light.jpgI didn’t use this at all when I first got it because I was unsure what it should be used for but about a month ago it clicked that this would make a great highlighter on the cheeks! It does have a bit of a pink hue to it so it’s not that great for nose or brow highlighting but it’s perfect for the cheeks. The only complaint I have with this is the packaging. It’s the dreaded pump that pumps out a ton of the stuff everywhere (resulting in wastage). I feel like the pressed version of this product would be a better investment.

3/5 ●●●○○

DELUXE KABUKI BRUSHMINERALCOVER-LIGHT-MEDIUM copy.jpgThis synthetic brush is literally the softest thing ever. It’s quite dense but still very flexible and gentle on the skin. Before I got the Essential Collection Brush Set, I used this brush for everything and it worked perfectly fine with everything. The quality of this brush is what made me decide to purchase a full brush set from Nude by Nature.

5/5 ●●●●●

The next lot of products are all the NEW products that I bought this time around. I haven’t had as much time to test them out so their reviews will be more like first impressions reviews!



These brushes are so soft! I thought the kabuki brush I had from Nude by Nature before was soft but these brushes take it to a whole new level! Not to mention the gorgeous bag and brush hardware! The kabuki, powder, eyeshadow and eye blending brushes are all super flexible while the concealer, angled eye and lip brushes hold their shape (but are still super soft of course)! This set retails for $39.95 which I would pay for the quality you get, great investment!

5/5 ●●●●●



I heard some bad things about this mascara before getting it but decided to give it a go anyway since it comes in the Ultimate Nude pack. It’s not really that volumising but it does give a bit of length and creates a very natural look. I read some reviews of people saying that this mascara smudged on them after only an hour or so. I will say I experienced a bit of light smudging after about 3 or 4 hours but nothing to drastic so I think I’ll keep using this as an everyday mascara but probably won’t repurchase.

3/5 ●●●○○



I haven’t used that many eyeliners in the past so I don’t have much to compare this to but I will say that this isn’t as pigmented as I thought it would be. It does take a couple of swipes to get a more prominent black line, which is a little annoying but it is quite soft. I have tried the smudger on the other end just for the sake of it and it does work but I probably won’t be using it. The ‘waterproof’ claim is pretty accurate, it does take a bit of rubbing to get it off but it definitely does fade a little when it comes into contact with water.

3/5 ●●●○○



This colour is perfect for me so right off the bat, I liked this pencil. It is very pigmented and just a light hand will create very dramatic results so I definitely needed to brush it out with the brush on the other end (which is very handy). I will say that it is definitely not waterproof though and will fade by the end of the day if you sweat a little. It doesn’t smudge though which is good.

4/5 ●●●●○



To be honest, I was a little bit disappointed in this product. I saw a lot of reviews on it before getting it and everybody raved about it! First off, it is very pigmented and a little goes a long way but I’m not sure how I feel about the colours. I was expecting the lightest shade to be a little lighter than it was and was disappointed because the colour was pretty much the same shade as my skin (which does nothing to the eyes). The transition shade was a little disappointing as well because when I applied it, the colour just made my eyes look sallow. The darkest shade was a nice colour though, lighter than I expected which was good. I sometimes use it to fill in my eyebrows as I don’t usually go for dark eye make up. It’s a well made product, it just doesn’t seem to suit me that well.

3/5 ●●●○○



I got this product in a sample size but I feel like I got to try it out to it’s full potential. The colour was medium so it didn’t match me at all on paper but when I actually applied some, it blends out beautifully into my skin tone and you can barely notice a difference. For this reason I think I’ll take this on the go as emergency touch up throughout the day. It is a little but hard to get out the product though and with a brush (I don’t have a sponge), it takes quite a few swipes before a decent amount of product is picked up. But I suppose that just means it’ll last for a long time!

3/5 ●●●○○


Untitled-1.jpgTo be honest, I’m not that big of a lip gloss wearer. I prefer the feeling of lipstick over lip gloss but I decided to give this a go anyway as it was free. It’s nothing special and is pretty much the same as most tubed lip glosses. I usually wouldn’t wear plum coloured lip products but this was very sheer and provided a very light complimentary colour with a bit of gloss. I won’t be wearing this on a daily basis but will probably be keeping it in my bag for touch ups throughout the day.

3/5 ●●●○○


BRUSH-CLEANSER-1000x1000.jpgThis full-sized brush cleanser came free as well and while I haven’t been able to test it out much, it does do the job. I haven’t had much to compare this with but I don’t feel the need to go out and purchase a different brush cleanser so I’ll stick with this one for now!

4/5 ●●●●○

And that’s my review of all these amazing products! Overall, I was very happy with my purchases and the price was even better! My favourite product of the lot would have to be the brush kit as I think I will get the most use out of them and they are genuinely amazing quality!

*All Nude by Nature products are cruelty free and they only use natural ingredients so that’s another bonus.




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