If you’ve always struggled to get your daily life together or just love all things organisation, a Personal Planner is the perfect thing for you!

I have been raving about this little diary to anybody who will listen! Since buying my first at the end of January, I think I have converted no less than ten people to the Personal Planner life!

So what is a Personal Planner?

It’s basically a CUSTOMISABLE weekly diary. It features 12 months and the awesome thing is you can start the diary in whatever month you’d like so there are no wasted pages! I ordered mine in mid-January so I decided to start mine in February and, to my surprise they also gave me the last week of January, which was perfect because they take about three weeks to arrive in your mailbox.

You can choose everything from the front and back covers to the layout formatting inside! They give you the option of a vertical layout, horizontal layout and a box layout (which is what I went with). I also chose to have grey lines in my boxes but you could go with other colours or even blank.

The banner at the top of the pages was also chosen by me. They gave me a bunch of cute designs but I ended up going with this minimalistic pink design.

The little widgets down the bottom of the page were also, surprise surprise, chosen by me! I decided on the to-do-list, lined notes and an exams this week widget as I primarily use my Personal Planner to organise my uni work.

(Yes, the ruler was also a customisable colour and FREE!)


Additionally, you can choose to add monthly overviews at the beginning of each month (each month is beautifully colour-coded). When designing your planner, you have the option to choose your country which will automatically generate all the public holidays and special days into both the monthly overviews and the specific days.


BUT my number one favourite thing about Personal Planner is that you can print friends and relatives’ birthdays in it! All you have to do is list all of your friends and family’s birthdates on the website and they will pop up in your planner. The cool thing is, if you decide to order one every year, their ages will automatically change according to the year (so you’ll always remember how old your parents are :P).


Once you’ve chosen all little design features of your planner, you can choose what to do with the leftover pages! There are a number of different options like an address book, sudoku, a colouring book, maths grid, music sheets and even a gradebook if you’re a teacher! But I went with the boring overview of the year and lined pages as I thought they’d be the most practical for university.

Your Personal Planner also comes with a bunch of FREE stuff! The ruler that I mentioned before will be thrown in as well as an elastic band to hold all your pages together (both in custom colours, of course!) and last but not least, a very handy removable plastic sleeve.

Now to the nitty-gritty. The website prices their smallest planner (approx. 10cm x 14cm) as $29.95AUD but I recommend the largest A5 planner, which is the one I have, for $39.95AUD (All costs include GST and worldwide shipping). I actually managed to snag mine for $34.00AUD as they were having a 15% off New Year promotion. If you keep a lookout on their Facebook and Instagram pages, they regularly hold 10% or 15% off promotions every few weeks and sometimes even give away free planners! You also get two 10% off coupon codes with each purchase so you can invest in a Personal Planner every year or give some codes away to friends!

After just over three months of owning a Personal Planner, I can honestly say I am so in love with it and use it every single day. I will definitely be repurchasing one next year. Overall, I very highly recommend this Swedish company to everyone, the employees are very friendly and helpful. If you like their planners, they also sell equally customisable wall planners and notebooks that I am yet to try! Whether you’re a student or a busy mum, I’m sure you’ll find a place for a Personal Planner in your life!

*I am not sponsored or endorsed to talk about this company, everything I have said is 100% my honest opinion.



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